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Sonntag, den 24. Dezember 2023 um 13:24 Uhr
The callsign DA20XOTA means Deutsche Alpen 20 (Jahre/Years) X-any On The Air and is related exclusively to outdoor portable amateur radio activities of all kinds in the German Alps from January 1st to December 31st, 2024.

It may include such activities as

  • SOTA (Summits On The Air)
  • GMA (Global Mountain Award)
  • WWFF (Worldwide Flora Fauna)
  • POTA (Parks On The Air)
  • COTA (Castles On The Air)
  • BBT (Bayerischer Bergtag / Bavarian Mountain Day)
  • Contests and Field Days

but not limited to.

Probably, the first sport amateur radio activities in the German Alps were associated with the BBT (Bayerischer Bergtag / Bavarian Mountain Day) in the 195x and with occasional VHF/UHF & microwave contesting. The new era of alpine amateur radio activities began with the launching of the German alpine SOTA association (SOTA-DL Deutsche Alpen) in 2004. Over the next 20 years, other amateur radio award schemes and programs followed in the alpine regions, e.g. GMA, WWFF and the newest one called POTA. Today, anyone can participate in one of the outdoor amateur radio award programs depending on their sporting ambitions, physical fitness, interests and preferences. There are thousands of references in the German alpine regions waiting to be activated and brought on the air. Please join us in celebrating 20 years of outdoor amateur radio activities in the German Alps! Just pick-up a couple of X-any references and get your 20 Jahre Deutsche Alpen Explorer Award for free.

DA20XOTA Award

Activator / Chaser

Alpine regions* to be activated/chased in total

Alpine regions* to be activated/chased by/as DA20XOTA


4 from 10

1 from 10


7 from 10

2 from 10


All 10

3 from 10


All 10

All 10

* at least one X-any reference (SOTA, GMA, WWFF, COTA, etc.) from following 10 regions in the German Alps: AL, AM, EW, WS, KW, BE, MF, CG, BG, AV

The alpine regions are considered ones of the most picturesque in Germany. The German Alps offer a lot of opportunities to enjoy portable radio operation around the clock. Whether you choose to be active and go sport climbing for SOTA or family hiking for GMA, biking up and down the challenging mountain roads to explore new WWFF nature parks, or simply admire the majestic views while strolling through the quiet town streets towards an old castle or ancient fortress for COTA, like us, you will definitely fall in love with the Alps! Explore German Alps, as an activator or as a chaser or as both! HERE is a brief overview of the alpine outdoor radio activities we presented at Ham Radio 2024.

DA20XOTA Portable Radio in the German Alps